What we do

Retirement Complexes

Our expertise in the field of PSRs – private seniors’ residences – allows us to provide you with a sustainable and purposeful design that touches all aspects of your project: living spaces for residents, administrative spaces, care units, etc. Our work puts residents and employees at the heart of the design to create a warm and humane environment that meets everyone’s needs.


Real Estate Complexes

With numerous multi-residential projects to our credit, DAG interior design has the expertise to deliver a turnkey interior design for your housing and common areas. We also offer a variety of value-added services to enhance your project.  We work closely with various trades and professionals to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.


Commercial Design

Our experienced multidisciplinary team is able to develop well thought-out administrative and commercial space designs that match the brand image of your project. Our knowledge of the market and trends in management and marketing will lead to the success of your administrative offices and commercial spaces (sales offices, model units, etc.).


How we do it

  • Definition of needs
  • Research and Ideation
  • Design and Creation
  • Technical Development
  • Construction Follow-up

Following a meeting with all involved parties and a preliminary study of the project and its context, we establish the needs and strategic objectives that will guide the rest of the design process. During this phase, we will also conduct a space survey and a material inventory if it applies to the project in any way.

The research and ideation phase can be done using images, sketches and models, in plan or in 3D modeling. This stage of the design process allows us to define a guideline that will be consistent with the project’s brand image and that will serve as a guiding principle for the design phase.

During the design and creation phase, an analysis and planning of the space is done in plan and volumetry. Once the space is planned and the programming well defined, we develop an interior design concept that corresponds to your project.

Once the design concept is approved, we proceed with the development of the complete set of interior design plans for tender, then for construction. These technical drawings allow us to ensure a rigorous follow-up with the various trades and professionals.

Once the plans are issued, our team provides oversight of your project: analysis of bids, site coordination, work supervision and quality control to ensure that the final result meets your expectations.