JOIA Griffintown

ClientCONS Properties inc.
Area153 100 ft2
CreditGMV 3D – rendering

In 2019, we were approached to design JOIA Griffintown, a luxury rental project located in the neighborhood of the same name. Any project of this scale begins by working closely with the architects to create well thought-out and sought-after spaces. Once this was complete, the team created a design unique to the project. For JOIA Griffintown, we used noble materials, rich textures and touches of gold. Neutral and warm tones create an enveloping effect, and blue and orange accents energize the whole. For the units, we proposed two colors, one light and one dark, which alternate from one floor to the next. This unique aspect of the design, along with the addition of custom elements such as the gold metal supports for the kitchen islands and the light fixtures, brings a touch of luxury to the whole.